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Final Fantasy VII GameHack Codes

GameHack is a handy little tool that lets you hack into the basic code of a game. I've found these codes for it (a note: they may be slightly different on some people's games, I'm not sure why). You can get GameHack at It's a supposed to be a 15-day trial version, but I've never encountered a problem after 15 days. I cannot, however, place it on my page because of FreeServers' 1/2MB file limit.

9/21/98: UPDATE! I've added a whole bunch more codes (including WORKING status codes)! I'll have more up in a few days. Plus, I've added my FF7 Hex Wishlist, so if you get an idea for a hex code value I haven't thought of, e-mail me (, and tell me about it. TTFN!

9/30/98: UPDATE!!! At long last, the list (minus Key Items) is complete! All codes (minus Cait Sith's and Vincent's Limit Breaks) have been tested and confirmed. Oh, and I added the whole materia list, too. Will update again when I figure out Key Items, or some other aspect of the game I want to know about.

10/11/98: UPDATE! I've found a few more important codes, and have added them to the list. As well, I've uploaded a GameHack Table, which has all of the codes in it. That should help! Oh, and I have 2 new items added to the wishlist.

12/07/98: Finished updating this section! I've added it all: All that I've ever wanted to get to work for FF7 hacking (and more!). And for those of you with the full version of GameHack, v1.02 of my table is up for you to download! Many thanks to Mark Oyama for the great codes and source of inspiration. Enjoy!

1/11/99: Well, I've mustered up enough resources to add a few more codes to this page. I'm going to do a bit more searching, but this is it for now. Enjoy!

3/07/99: Yet more codes! I've compiled the GameHack table again (twice, actually), and now, I have the FF7 GameHack Table v1.05 ready! These codes may be the last codes that I ever add, seeing as I'm running out of ideas. If you come up with a few good ones, e-mail me! Otherwise, this is it. Have fun!

4/07/99: Probably the last batch of codes for some time, I've added a few more mini-game score codes for the Gold Saucer. If any more code requests come in soon, I'll be putting more codes, but as of recently, my code contribution has been waning. If you have even just an idea, remember to send it to me! Thanks!

7/21/99: First update in a while to this section. I've added GameHack to my page, and changed my notes on it. As said above, it's not actually a 15-day trial version, but rather a suggested 15-day, really unlimited, trial version.

8/02/99: My (perhaps) final update for the year to this section, my FF7 GameHack table is now version 1.07. It has gained a very large number of codes (names, chocobos 5 and 6, chocobo stamina, etc.). If any new codes come up, I can test and possibly add them. GameShark codes are accepted, and I will be able to make something work with them eventually.

A NOTE: I've had a lot of requests for translations of GameShark Codes (as I've got the algorithm worked out), and I've decided to post the simple (somewhat) formula. Here it is (NOTE: I suggest using a scientific calculator with hexadecimal support for this):

2F2EB3C4 + (GameHack Code) = GameShark Code
(GameShark Code) - 2F2EB3C4 = GameHack Code

Sometimes, you have to switch the 2 at the start of 2F2EB3C4 to 7, but otherwise, it works perfectly. Hope this helps some aspiring (and confused) FF7 GameHackers!

ANOTHER NOTE: The RIVA patched version (1.1) of Final Fantasy VII uses a different set of codes. Here is an example:

Gil Code:

00DB1E9C - Regular
00DC08B4 - Nvidia RivaTNT/128 Patched

As you can see, they are clearly not the same codes. I believe that by adding on EA18 to the regular value, you will get the RIVA value. I hope to be informed shortly of wether or not this works.
NOTE: I've been informed. ^_^ Many thanks to Terence Fergusson for the help!

Special Thanks To:

K. Megura: For coming up with the original GameShark codes!
Tony Nilsson: For inspiring me to design my own GameHack table!
Mark Oyama: Status Ailments, Elements, Battle commands, and Key items were all based off of Mark's codes.
"Pat": Notified me that GameHack codes listed here do not work correctly with the RIVA patch.
Jason Wang: Informed me of the existence of linked slot status (am working on it, but not having much luck).
Terence Fergusson: Confirmed my suspicion that the Riva patch offset was correct. Will shortly be providing some codes I didn't have, and has already supplied quite a few I've yet to add. Wow, that was a mouthful. ^_^


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FF7 GameHack Table v1.0
FF7 GameHack Table v1.02
FF7 GameHack Table v1.03
GameHack Table v1.04 (Unreleased, sorry)!
FF7 GameHack Table v1.05
FF7 GameHack Table v1.06
FF7 GameHack Table v1.07

Tired of searching this page for that code? Want to know how big that code you really want to use is? Then download this!
FF7 GameHack Code List 1.10

FF7 Hex Code Wishlist

[x] Character HP/HP Max/MP/MP Max/Exp/Materia/Materia AP
[x] Gil/Exp/AP after battle
[x] Chocobo Colors/Gender/Speed/Stamina/Int
[x] Items/Item Amounts
[x] Materia (List)/Materia AP(List)
[x] Enemies killed
[x] Limit Breaks
[x] BP/GP/Gil totals
[x] Current Party Members
[x] Key Items
[x] Character Stats (real)/Character Level
[x] Character Weapons/Armors/Materia Growth rates
[x] Limit Gagues
[x] Battle HP/MP
[x] Element/Status Ailment Attack/Defend
[x] Battle Commands
[-] Sub Game Torpedo Status/Timer/etc.
[-] Linked Ststus of Materia-holding Weapons
[x] Misc. Codes

x Complete
* In Progress
- Not Complete

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00DB1EE2 Save/PHS Anywhere (0=PHS/Save, 1=Save, 2=PHS, 3=Neither)
00DB1EA0 Time Played (freeze to stop time from increasing)
00DB1EA4 Countdown Timer
00DB1EE1 Save/PHS Visible (set to 255)
00DB1EE0 All controls (255=visible, 0=hidden)
00DB1EE3 All controls (255=useable, 0=unusable)
00DB1EDC Total Battles Fought (0-65535)

0098F970 XP after battle
0098F974 AP after battle
0098F978 Gil after battle

0098f9A0 Item 1 after battle
0098f9A2 Item 1 after battle ammount
0098f9A6 Item 2 after battle
0098f9A8 Item 2 after battle ammount
0098f9AC Item 3 after battle
0098f9AE Item 3 after battle ammount
0098f9B2 Item 4 after battle
0098f9B4 Item 4 after battle ammount

00CB2B9D Junon Rating 1
00CF0CE8 Junon Rating 2

00CB2B89 Gaia Cliff Temp 1
00CF0CB8 Gaia Cliff Temp 2

00DC99C0 Skiing Score 1
00DC9A18 Skiing Score 2

00D77000 Motorcycle Score

00CB2B8C Hits Taken 3D Battler
00CB2B8D Opponent Hits Taken 3D Battler

00C30DFC Speed Score

0099A1C5 Timer 1
0099A209 Timer 2
0099A24D Timer 3
0099A2D5 Enemy 1 Timer
0099A319 Enemy 2 Timer
0099A35D Enemy 3 Timer
0099A3A1 Enemy 4 Timer
0099A3E5 Enemy 5 Timer
0099A429 Enemy 6 Timer
0099A470 Limit 1 (Set to 16711935)
0099A4A4 Limit 2
0099A4D8 Limit 3
0099C7B4 MP 1
0099C7B8 HP 1
0099C81C MP 2
0099C820 HP 2
0099C884 MP 3
0099C888 HP 3
0099C958 E1 HP
0099C9C0 E2 HP
0099CA28 E3 HP
0099CA90 E4 HP
0099CAF8 E5 HP
0099CB60 E6 HP

00DB1F04 Key Item 1
00DB1F05 Key Item 2
00DB1F06 Key Item 3
00DB1F07 Key Item 4
00DB1F08 Key Item 5
00DB1F09 Key Item 6
00DB1F0A Key Item 7

00DB181C Item 1
00DB181D Item 1 (value: 1 or 2)

00DB1A9C Materia 1 (List)
00DB1A9D-00DB1A9F Materia 1 Growth (List)

00DB200E GP
00DB1E9C Gil
00DB1F34 BP

00DABABC Player 1 Attack Elements
00DABABE Player 1 1/2 Elements
00DABAC0 Player 1 Invalid Elements
00DABAC2 Player 1 Absorb Elements
00DABAC4 Player 1 Status Ailment Attack
00DABAC8 Player 1 Status Ailment Defense

00DABEFC Player 2 Attack Elements
00DABEFE Player 2 1/2 Elements
00DABF00 Player 2 Invalid Elements
00DABF02 Player 2 Absorb Elements
00DABF04 Player 2 Status Ailment Attack
00DABF08 Player 2 Status Ailment Defense

00DAC33C Player 3 Attack Elements
00DAC33E Player 3 1/2 Elements
00DAC340 Player 3 Invalid Elements
00DAC342 Player 3 Absorb Elements
00DAC344 Player 3 Status Ailment Attack
00DAC348 Player 3 Status Ailment Defense

00DABACC Player 1 Command 1
00DABAD2 Player 1 Command 2
00DABAD8 Player 1 Command 3
00DABADE Player 1 Command 4
00DABAE4 Player 1 Command 5
00DABAEA Player 1 Command 6
00DABAF0 Player 1 Command 7
00DABAF6 Player 1 Command 8
00DABAFC Player 1 Command 9
00DABB02 Player 1 Command 10
00DABB08 Player 1 Command 11
00DABB0E Player 1 Command 12

00DABF0C Player 2 Command 1
00DABF12 Player 2 Command 2
00DABF18 Player 2 Command 3
00DABF1E Player 2 Command 4
00DABF24 Player 2 Command 5
00DABF2A Player 2 Command 6
00DABF30 Player 2 Command 7
00DABF36 Player 2 Command 8
00DABF3C Player 2 Command 9
00DABF42 Player 2 Command 10
00DABF48 Player 2 Command 11
00DABF4E Player 2 Command 12

00DAC34C Player 3 Command 1
00DAC352 Player 3 Command 2
00DAC358 Player 3 Command 3
00DAC35E Player 3 Command 4
00DAC364 Player 3 Command 5
00DAC36A Player 3 Command 6
00DAC370 Player 3 Command 7
00DAC376 Player 3 Command 8
00DAC37C Player 3 Command 9
00DAC382 Player 3 Command 10
00DAC388 Player 3 Command 11
00DAC38E Player 3 Command 12


00DB1375 Cloud Level
00DB1376 Cloud Str
00DB1377 Cloud Int
00DB1378 Cloud Mgc
00DB1379 Cloud Vit
00DB137A Cloud Dex
00DB137B Cloud Luck
00DB1384 Cloud Name
00DB1396 ALL Limits! (Set to 731)
00DB1398 Enemies Slayed (Limits)
00DB1399 Times Tech. 1 used (Limits)
00DB139A Times Tech. 2 used (Limits)
00DB139B Times Tech. 3 used (Limits)
00DB139C Times Tech. 4 used (Limits)
00DB139D Times Tech. 5 used (Limits)
00DB139E Times Tech. 6 used (Limits)
00DB139F Times Tech. 7 used (Limits)
00DB13A0 Cloud HP
00DB13A2 Cloud HP Max
00DB13A4 Cloud MP
00DB13A6 Cloud MP Max
00DB13B0 Cloud Exp.
00DB13B4 Materia Slot 1
00DB1390 Cloud's Weapon (0-127, encompasses ALL weapons)
00DB1391 Cloud's Armlet (0-31)
00DB1392 Cloud's Accessory (0-31)

00DB13F9 Barret Level
00DB13FA Barret Str
00DB13FB Barret Int
00DB13FC Barret Mgc
00DB13FD Barret Vit
00DB13FE Barret Dex
00DB13FF Barret Luck
00DB1408 Barret Name
00DB141A ALL Limits! (Set to 731)
00DB141C Enemies Slayed (Limits)
00DB141D Times Tech. 1 Used (Limits)
00DB141E Times Tech. 2 Used (Limits)
00DB141F Times Tech. 3 Used (Limits)
00DB1420 Times Tech. 4 Used (Limits)
00DB1421 Times Tech. 5 Used (Limits)
00DB1422 Times Tech. 6 Used (Limits)
00DB1423 Times Tech. 7 Used (Limits)
00DB1424 Barret HP
00DB1426 Barret HP Max
00DB1328 Barret MP
00DB142A Barret MP Max
00DB1438 Materia Slot 1 (Weapon)
00DB1439 Materia Slot 1 Growth (Weapon)
00DB1434 Barret Exp.
00DB1414 Barret Weapon (0-127)
00DB1415 Barret Armlet (0-31)
00DB1416 Barret Accessory (0-31)

00DB147D Tifa Level
00DB147E Tifa Str
00DB147F Tifa Int
00DB1480 Tifa Mgc
00DB1481 Tifa Vit
00DB1482 Tifa Dex
00DB1483 Tifa Luck
00DB148C Tifa Name
00DB149E ALL Limits! (Set to 731)
00DB14A0 Enemies Slayed (Limits)
00DB14A1 Times Tech. 1 used (Limits)
00DB14A2 Times Tech. 2 used (Limits)
00DB14A3 Times Tech. 3 used (Limits)
00DB14A4 Times Tech. 4 used (Limits)
00DB14A5 Times Tech. 5 used (Limits)
00DB14A6 Times Tech. 6 used (Limits)
00DB14A7 Times Tech. 7 used (Limits)
00DB14A8 Tifa HP
00DB14AA Tifa HP Max
00DB14AC Tifa MP
00DB14AE Tifa MP Max
00DB14BC Materia Slot 1 (Weapon)
00DB14BD Materia Slot 1 Growth (Weapon)
00DB14B8 Tifa Exp.
00DB1498 Tifa Weapon (0-127)
00DB1499 Tifa Armlet (0-31)
00DB1499 Tifa Accessory (0-31)

00DB1502 Aeris Level
00DB1503 Aeris Str
00DB1504 Aeris Int
00DB1505 Aeris Mgc
00DB1506 Aeris Vit
00DB1507 Aeris Dex
00DB1508 Aeris Luck
00DB1510 Aeris Name
00DB1523 ALL Limits! (Set to 731)
00DB1525 Enemies Slayed (Limits)
00DB1526 Times Tech. 1 Used (Limits)
00DB1527 Times Tech. 2 Used (Limits)
00DB1528 Times Tech. 3 Used (Limits)
00DB1529 Times Tech. 4 Used (Limits)
00DB152A Times Tech. 5 Used (Limits)
00DB152B Times Tech. 6 Used (Limits)
00DB152C Aeris HP
00DB152E Aeris HP Max
00DB1530 Aeris MP
00DB1532 Aeris MP Max
00DB1540 Materia Slot 1 (Weapon)
00DB1541 Materia Slot 1 Growth (Weapon)
00DB153C Aeris Exp.
00DB151C Aeris Weapon (0-127)
00DB151D Aeris Armlet (0-31)
00DB151E Aeris Accessory (0-31)

00DB1585 Red XIII Level
00DB1586 Red XIII Str
00DB1587 Red XIII Int
00DB1588 Red XIII Mgc
00DB1589 Red XIII Vit
00DB158A Red XIII Dex
00DB158B Red XIII Luck
00DB1594 Red XIII Name
00DB15A6 ALL Limits! (Set to 731)
00DB15A8 Enemies Slayed (Limits)
00DB15A9 Times Tech. 1 Used (Limits)
00DB15AA Times Tech. 2 Used (Limits)
00DB15AB Times Tech. 3 Used (Limits)
00DB15AC Times Tech. 4 Used (Limits)
00DB15AD Times Tech. 5 Used (Limits)
00DB15AE Times Tech. 6 Used (Limits)
00DB15AF Times Tech. 7 Used (Limits)
00DB15B0 Red XIII HP
00DB15B2 Red XIII Max
00DB15B4 Red XIII MP
00DB15B6 Red XIII MP Max
00DB15C4 Materia Slot 1 (Weapon)
00DB15C5 Materia Slot 1 Growth (Weapon)
00DB15C0 Red XIII Exp.
00DB15A0 Red XIII Weapon (0-127)
00DB15A1 Red XIII Armlet (0-31)
00DB15A2 Red XIII Accessory (0-31)

00DB1609 Yuffie Level
00DB160A Yuffie Str
00DB160B Yuffie Int
00DB160C Yuffie Mgc
00DB160D Yuffie Vit
00DB160E Yuffie Dex
00DB160F Yuffie Luck
00DB1618 Yuffie Name
00DB162A ALL Limits! (Set to 731)
00DB162C Enemies Slayed (Limits)
00DB162D Times Tech. 1 used (Limits)
00DB162E Times Tech. 2 used (Limits)
00DB162F Times Tech. 3 used (Limits)
00DB1630 Times Tech. 4 used (Limits)
00DB1631 Times Tech. 5 used (Limits)
00DB1632 Times Tech. 6 used (Limits)
00DB1633 Times Tech. 7 used (Limits)
00DB1634 Yuffie HP
00DB1636 Yuffie HP Max
00DB1638 Yuffie MP
00DB163A Yuffie MP Max
00DB1648 Materia Slot 1 (Weapon)
00DB1649 Materia Slot 1 Growth (Weapon)
00DB1644 Yuffie Exp.
00DB1624 Yuffie Weapon (0-127)
00DB1625 Yuffie Armlet (0-31)
00DB1626 Yuffie Accessory (0-31)

00DB168D Cait Sith Level
00DB168E Cait Sith Str
00DB168F Cait Sith Int
00DB1690 Cait Sith Mgc
00DB1691 Cait Sith Vit
00DB1692 Cait Sith Dex
00DB1693 Cait Sith Luck
00DB169C Cait Sith Name
00DB16AE ALL Limits! (Set to 9)
00DB16B0 Enemies Slayed (Limits)
00DB16B2 Times Tech. 1 used (Limits)
00DB16B4 Times Tech. 2 used (Limits)
00DB16B8 Cait Sith HP
00DB16BA Cait Sith HP Max
00DB16BC Cait Sith MP
00DB16BE Cait Sith MP Max
00DB16CC Materia Slot 1 (Weapon)
00DB16CD Materia Slot 1 Growth (Weapon)
00DB16C8 Cait Sith Exp.
00DB16A8 Cait Sith Weapon (0-127)
00DB16A9 Cait Sith Armlet (0-31)
00DB16AA Cait Sith Accessory (0-31)

00DB1711 Vincent/Sephiroth Level
00DB1712 Vincent/Sephiroth Str
00DB1713 Vincent/Sephiroth Int
00DB1714 Vincent/Sephiroth Mgc
00DB1715 Vincent/Sephiroth Vit
00DB1716 Vincent/Sephiroth Dex
00DB1717 Vincent/Sephiroth Luck
00DB1720 Vincent/Sephiroth Name
00DB1732 ALL Limits! (Set to 585)
00DB1734 Enemies Slayed (Limits)
00DB1735 Times Tech. 1 Used (Limits)
00DB1737 Times Tech. 2 Used (Limits)
00DB1739 Times Tech. 3 Used (Limits)
00DB173A Times Tech. 4 Used (Limits)
00DB173C Vincent/Sephiroth HP
00DB173E Vincent/Sephiroth HP Max
00DB1740 Vincent/Sephiroth MP
00DB1742 Vincent/Sephiroth MP Max
00DB1750 Materia Slot 1 (Weapon)
00DB1751 Materia Slot 1 Growth (Weapon)
00DB174C Vincent/Sephiroth Exp.
00DB172C Vincent/Sephiroth Weapon (0-127)
00DB172D Vincent/Sephiroth Armlet (0-31)
00DB172E Vincent/Sephiroth Accessory (0-31)

00DB1795 Cid Level
00DB1796 Cid Str
00DB1797 Cid Int
00DB1798 Cid Mgc
00DB1799 Cid Vit
00DB179A Cid Dex
00DB179B Cid Luck
00DB17A4 Cid Name
00DB17B6 ALL Limits! (Set to 731)
00DB17B8 Enemies Slayed (Limits)
00DB17B9 Times Tech. 1 used (Limits)
00DB17BA Times Tech. 2 used (Limits)
00DB17BB Times Tech. 3 used (Limits)
00DB17BC Times Tech. 4 used (Limits)
00DB17BD Times Tech. 5 used (Limits)
00DB17BE Times Tech. 6 used (Limits)
00DB17BF Times Tech. 7 used (Limits)
00DB17C0 Cid HP
00DB17C2 Cid HP Max
00DB17C4 Cid MP
00DB17C6 Cid MP Max
00DB17D4 Materia Slot 1 (Weapon)
00DB17D5 Materia Slot 1 Growth (Weapon)
00DB17D0 Cid Exp.
00DB17B0 Cid Weapon (0-127)
00DB14B1 Cid Armlet (0-31)
00DB17B2 Cid Accessory (0-31)

00DB1818 Character 1
00DB1819 Character 2
00DB181A Character 3

0=Cloud6=Cait Sith
3=Aeris9=Young Cloud
4=Red XIII10=Sephiroth

00DB23B4 Choco 6 Speed
00DB23B6 Choco 6 Speed Max
00DB23B8 Choco 6 Sprint
00DB23BA Choco 6 Sprint Max
00DB23BC Choco 6 Int
00DB23BD Choco 6 Coop
00DB23BE Choco 6 Races Won
00DB23BF Choco 6 Gender
00DB23C0 Choco 6 Type
00DB2202 Choco 6 Name
00DB2212 Choco 6 Stamina

00DB23A7 Choco 5 Speed
00DB23A9 Choco 5 Speed Max
00DB23AB Choco 5 Sprint
00DB23AD Choco 5 Sprint Max
00DB23AF Choco 5 Int
00DB23B0 Choco 5 Coop
00DB23B1 Choco 5 Races Won
00DB23B2 Choco 5 Gender
00DB24B3 Choco 5 Type
00DB21FC Choco 5 Name
00DB2210 Choco 5 Stamina

00DB2114 Choco 4 Speed
00DB2116 Choco 4 Speed Max
00DB2118 Choco 4 Sprint
00DB211A Choco 4 Sprint Max
00DB211D Choco 4 Int
00DB211E Choco 4 Coop
00DB2121 Choco 4 Races Won
00DB2122 Choco 4 Gender (0=male, 1=female)
00DB2123 Choco 4 Type (0=Normal, 1=Green, 2=Blue, 3=Black, 4=Gold)
00DB21F6 Choco 4 Name
00DB220E Choco 4 Stamina

00DB2104 Choco 3 Speed
00DB2106 Choco 3 Speed Max
00DB2108 Choco 3 Sprint
00DB210A Choco 3 Sprint Max
00DB210D Choco 3 Int
00DB210E Choco 3 Coop
00DB2111 Choco 3 Races Won
00DB2112 Choco 3 Gender
00DB2113 Choco 3 Type
00DB21F0 Choco 3 Name
00DB220C Choco 3 Stamina

00DB20F4 Choco 2 Speed
00DB20F6 Choco 2 Speed Max
00DB20F8 Choco 2 Sprint
00DB20FA Choco 2 Sprint Max
00DB20FD Choco 2 Int
00DB20FE Choco 2 Coop
00DB2101 Choco 2 Races Won
00DB2102 Choco 2 Gender
00DB2103 Choco 2 Type
00DB21EA Choco 2 Name
00DB220A Choco 2 Stamina

00DB20E4 Choco 1 Speed
00DB20E6 Choco 1 Speed Max
00DB20E8 Choco 1 Sprint
00DB20EA Choco 1 Sprint Max
00DB20ED Choco 1 Int
00DB20EE Choco 1 Coop
00DB20F1 Choco 1 Races Won
00DB20F2 Choco 1 Gender
00DB20F3 Choco 1 Type
00DB21E4 Choco 1 Name
00DB2209 Choco 1 Stamina

00E627A6 Choco Dash Meter

Weapons List:
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0 Buster Sword
1 Mythril Saber
2 Hardedge
3 Butterfly Edge
4 Enhance Sword
5 Organics
6 Crystal Sword
7 Force Stealer
8 Rune Blade
9 Murasame
10 Nail Bat
11 Yoshiyuki
12 Apocalypse
13 Heaven's Cloud
14 Ragnarok
15 Ultima Weapon
16 Leather Glove
17 Metal Knuckle
18 Mythril Claw
19 Grand Glove
20 Tiger Fang
21 Diamond Knuckle
22 Dragon Claw
23 Crystal Glove
24 Motor Drive
25 Platinum Fist
26 Kaiser Knuckle
27 Work Glove
28 Powersoul
29 Master Fist
30 God's Hand
31 Premium Heart
32 Gatling Gun
33 Assault Gun
34 Cannon Ball
35 Atomic Scissors
36 Heavy Vulcan
37 Chainsaw
38 Microlaser
39 A*M Cannon
40 W Machine Gun
41 Drill Arm
42 Solid Bazooka
43 Rocket Punch
44 Enemy Launcher
45 Pile Banger
46 Max Ray
47 Missing Score
48 Mythril Clip
49 Diamond Pin
50 Silver Barrette
51 Gold Barrette
52 Adaman Clip
53 Crystal Comb
54 Magic Comb
55 Plus Barrette
56 Centclip
57 Hairpin
58 Seraph Comb
59 Behimoth Horn
60 Spring Gun Clip
61 Limited Moon
62 Guard Stick
63 Mythril Rod
64 Full Metal Staff
65 Striking Staff
66 Prism Staff
67 Aurora Rod
68 Wizard Staff
69 Wizer Staff
70 Fairy Tale
71 Umbrella
72 Princess Guard
73 Spear
74 Slash Lance
75 Trident
76 Mast Axe
77 Partisan
78 Viper Halberd
79 Javelin
80 Grow Lance
81 Mop
82 Dragoon Lance
83 Scimitar
84 Flayer
85 Spirit Lance
86 Venus Gospel
87 4-point Shuriken
88 Boomerang
89 Pinwheel
90 Razor Ring
91 Hawkeye
92 Crystal Cross
93 Wind Slash
94 Twin Viper
95 Spiral Shuriken
96 Superball
97 Magic Shuriken
98 Rising Sun
99 Oritsuru
100 Conformer
101 Yellow M-phone
102 Green M-phone
103 Blue M-phone
104 Red M-phone
105 Crystal M-phone
106 White M-phone
107 Black M-phone
108 Silver M-phone
109 Trumpet Shell
110 Gold M-phone
111 Battle Trumpet
112 Starlight Phone
113 HP Shout
114 Quicksilver
115 Shotgun
116 Shortbarrel
117 Lariat
118 Winchester
119 Peacemaker
120 Buntline
121 Long Barrel R
122 Silver Rifle
123 Sniper CR
124 Supershot ST
125 Outsider
126 Death Penalty
127 Masamune

Accessory List:
0 Power Wrist
1 Protect Vest
2 Earring
3 Talisman
4 Choco Feather
5 Amulet
6 Champion Belt
7 Poison Ring
8 Touph Ring
9 Circlet
10 Star Pendant
11 Silver Glasses
12 Headband
13 Fairy Ring
14 Jem Ring
15 White Cape
16 Sprint Shoes
17 Peace Ring
18 Ribbon
19 Fire Ring
20 Ice Ring
21 Bolt Ring
22 Tetra Elemental
23 Safety Bit
24 Fury Ring
25 Curse Ring
26 Protect Ring
27 Cat's Bell
28 Reflect Ring
29 Water Ring
30 Sneak Glove
31 HypnoCrown

Item List:
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0 Potion: Restores HP by 100
1 Hi-Potion: Restores HP by 500
2 X-Potion: Fully Restores HP
3 Ether: Restores MP by 100
4 Turbo Ether: Fully Restores MP
5 Elixir: Fully Restores HP/MP
6 Megalixir: Fully Restores all member's HP/MP
7 Phoenix Down: Restores Life
8 Antidote: Cures (Poison)
9 Soft: Cures (Petrify)
10 Maiden's Kiss: Cures (Frog)
11 Cornucopia: Cures (Small)
12 Echo Screen: Cures (Silence)
13 Hyper: Cures (Sadness)
14 Tranquilizer: Cures (Fury)
15 Remedy: Cures abnormal status
16 Smoke Bomb: Can escape from opponents during battle
17 Speed Drink: Casts (Haste) on one ally
18 Hero Drink: Raises ability once during battle
19 Vaccine: Protects against transformations
20 Grenade: Explosive damage against one opponent
21 Shrapnel: Explosive damage against all opponents
22 Right arm: Explosive damage against all opponents
23 Hourglass: Stops all opponents
24 Kiss of Death: Uses "Death" on all opponents
25 Spider Web: Slows all opponents
26 Dream Powder: Uses "Sleepel" on all opponents
27 Mute Mask: Uses "Silence" on all opponents
28 War Gong: Uses "Berserk" on all opponents
29 Loco weed: Uses "Confu" on all opponents
30 Fire Fang: Uses "Fire2" on all opponents
31 Fire Veil: Uses "Fire3" on all opponents
32 Antarctic Wind: Uses "Ice2" on all opponents
33 Ice Crystal: Uses "Ice3" on all opponents
34 Bolt Plume: Uses "Bolt2" on all opponents
35 Swift Bolt: Uses "Bolt3" on all opponents
36 Earth Drum: Uses "Quake2" on all opponents
37 Earth Mallet: Uses "Quake3" on all opponents
38 Deadly Waste: Uses "Bio2" on all opponents
39 M-Tentacles: Uses "Bio3" on all opponents
40 Stardust: Uses "Comet2" on all opponents
41 Vampire Fang: Drains HP out of one opponent
42 Ghost Hand: Drains MP out of one opponent
43 Vagyrisk Claw: Petfifies one opponent
44 Light Curtain: Creates (Barrier) around all allies
45 Lunar Curtain: Creates (MBarrier) around all allies
46 Mirror: Uses "Reflect" on all allies
47 Holy Torch: Uses "DeSpell" on all opponents
48 Bird Wing: Uses Whirlwind on all opponents
49 Dragon Scales: Water damage on all opponents
50 Impaler: Changes one opponent to a frog
51 Shrivel: Uses "Mini" on one opponent
52 Eye drop: Cures (Darkness)
53 Molotov: Fire damage on one opponent
54 S-mine: Explosive damage on one opponent
55 8inch Cannon: Explosive damage against one opponent
56 Graviball: Uses "Demi" against one opponent
57 T/S Bomb: Uses "Demi2" against one opponent
58 Ink: Uses "Darkness" against one opponent
59 Dazers: Paralyzes one opponent
60 Dragon Fang: Lightning damage against all opponents
61 Cauldron: Uses (Poison/Confu/Sleepel/Silence/Small/Frog)
62 Sylkis Greens: When you want a chocobo...
63 Reagan Greens: When you want a chocobo...
64 Mimett Greens: When you want a chocobo...
65 Curiel Greens: When you want a chocobo...
66 Pahsana Greens: When you want a chocobo...
67 Tantal Greens: When you want a chocobo...
68 Krakka Greens: When you want a chocobo...
69 Gysahl Greens: When you want a chocobo...
70 Tent: Restores ally's max HP/MP. Use at Save Point.
71 Power Source: Raises (Strength)
72 Guard Source: Raises (Vitality)
73 Magic Source: Raises (Magic Power)
74 Mind Source: Raises (Spirit)
75 Speed Source: Raises (Dexterity)
76 Luck Source: Raises (Luck)
77 Zeio Nut: When you want to breed chocobos...
78 Carob Nut: When you want to breed chocobos...
79 Porov Nut: When you want to breed chocobos...
80 Pram Nut: When you want to breed chocobos...
81 Lasan Nut: When you want to breed chocobos...
82 Saraha Nut: When you want to breed chocobos...
83 Luchile Nut: When you want to breed chocobos...
84 Pepio Nut: When you want to breed chocobos...
85 Battery: Looks like it can start some sort of machine
86 Tissue: This one's a little tough...
87 Omnislash: Learn Limit Skill "Omnislash"
88 Catastrophe: Learn Limit Skill "Catastrophe"
89 Final Heaven: Learn Limit Skill "Final Heaven"
90 Great Gospel: Learn Limit Skill "Great Gospel"
91 Cosmo Memory: Learn Limit Skill "Cosmo Memory"
92 All Creation: Learn Limit Skill "All Creation"
93 Chaos: Learn Limit Skill "Chaos"
94 Highwind: Learn Limit Skill "Highwind"
95 1/35 Soldier: Shinra armored 'attack' soldiers: 12 in the set!
96 Super Sweeper: A new machine to protect the reactor!
97 Masamune Blade: A perfect copy of Sephiroth's sword!
98 Save Crystal: Use this to create a SAVE Point in the 'North Cave'
99 Combat Diary: A record of Master Dio's fiercest battles
100 Autograph: Dio's autograph
101 Gambler: Second part of Dio's diary: The Gold Saucer years
102 Desert Rose: Blooms onse every 1000 years
103 Earth Harp: Calms the hearts of all who hear it
104 Guide Book: Map of another world. It slumbers with sunken ships

128 Buster Sword: Initial equipment
129 Mythril Saber
130 Hardedge
131 Butterfly Edge
132 Enhance Sword
133 Organics
134 Crystal Sword
135 Force Stealer
136 Rune Blade
137 Murasame
138 Nail Bat
139 Yoshiyuki: Sword is used when an ally is down
140 Apocalypse
141 Heaven's Cloud
142 Ragnarok
143 Ultima Weapon
144 Leather Glove
145 Metal Knuckle
146 Mythril Claw
147 Grand Glove
148 Tiger Fang
149 Diamond Knuckle
150 Dragon Claw
151 Crystal Glove
152 Motor Drive
153 Platinum Fist
154 Kaiser Knuckle
155 Work Glove
156 Powersoul: Power up when (Near death)
157 Master Fist: Power up when condition changes
158 God's Hand
159 Premium Heart
160 Gatling Gun: Initial equip. Long range weapon
161 Assault Gun: Long range weapon
162 Cannon Ball
163 Atomic Scissors
164 Heavy Vulcan: Long range weapon
165 Chainsaw
166 Microlaser: Long range weapon
167 A*M Cannon: Long range weapon
168 W Machine Gun: Long range weapon
169 Drill Arm
170 Solid Bazooka Long range weapon
171 Rocket Punch
172 Enemy Launcher: Long range weapon
173 Pile Banger
174 Max Ray: Long range weapon
175 Missing Score: Long range weapon
176 Mythril Clip
177 Diamond Pin
178 Silver Barrette
179 Gold Barrette
180 Adaman Clip
181 Crystal Comb
182 Magic Comb
183 Plus Barrette
184 Centclip
185 Hairpin: Long range weapon
186 Seraph Comb: Momento of father
187 Behimoth Horn
188 Spring Gun Clip
189 Limited Moon
190 Guard Stick
191 Mythril Rod
192 Full Metal Staff
193 Striking Staff
194 Prism Staff
195 Aurora Rod
196 Wizard Staff
197 Wizer Staff
198 Fairy Tale
199 Umbrella
200 Princess Guard: Raises Power when you need to protect others nearby
201 Spear
202 Slash Lance
203 Trident
204 Mast Axe
205 Partisan
206 Viper Halberd
207 Javelin
208 Grow Lance
209 Mop
210 Dragoon Lance
211 Scimitar
212 Flayer
213 Spirit Lance
214 Venus Gospel
215 4-point Shuriken: Long range weapon
216 Boomerang: Long range weapon
217 Pinwheel: Long range weapon
218 Razor Ring: Long range weapon
219 Hawkeye: Long range weapon
220 Crystal Cross: Long range weapon
221 Wind Slash: Long range weapon
222 Twin Viper: Long range weapon
223 Spiral Shuriken: Long range weapon
224 Superball: Long range weapon
225 Magic Shuriken: Long range weapon
226 Rising Sun: Long range weapon
227 Oritsuru: Long range weapon
228 Conformer: Long range weapon
229 Yellow M-phone
230 Green M-phone
231 Blue M-phone
232 Red M-phone
233 Crystal M-phone
234 White M-phone
235 Black M-phone
236 Silver M-phone
237 Trumpet Shell
238 Gold M-phone
239 Battle Trumpet
240 Starlight Phone
241 HP Shout
242 Quicksilver: Long range weapon
243 Shotgun: Long range weapon
244 Shortbarrel: Long range weapon
245 Lariat: Long range weapon
246 Winchester: Long range weapon
247 Peacemaker: Long range weapon
248 Buntline: Long range weapon
249 Long Barrel R: Long range weapon
250 Silver Rifle: Long range weapon
251 Sniper CR: Long range weapon
252 Supershot ST: Long range weapon
253 Outsider: Long range weapon
254 Death Penalty: Long range weapon
255 Masamune: Glitch (Nothing to care about)

0* Bronze Bangle
1* Iron Bangle
2* Titan Bangle
3* Mythril Armlet
4* Carbon Bangle
5* Silver Armlet
6* Gold Armlet
7* Diamond Bangle
8* Crystal Bangle
9* Platinum Bangle
10* Rune Armlet
11* Edincoat
12* Wizard Bracelet
13* Adaman Bangle
14* Gigas Armlet
15* Imperial Guard
16* Aegis Armlet
17* Fourth Bracelet
18* Warrior Bangle
19* Shinra Beta
20* Shinra Alpha
21* Four Slots
22* Fire Armlet: Drains (Fire) attacks
23* Aurora Armlet: Drains (Cold) attacks
24* Bolt Armlet: Drains (Lightning) attacks
25* Dragon Armlet: Drains 1/2 (Fire/Cold/Lightning) attack
26* Minerva Band: Women's Armlet nullifies (Fire/Cold/Gravity/Holy)
27* Escort Guard: Men's Armlet nullifies (Lightning/Earth/Water/Poison)
28* Mystile
29* Ziedrich: Decreases all elemental attacks by 1/2
30* Precious Watch: A gorgeous watch
31* Chocobracelet

32* Power Wrist: "Strength" + 10
33* Protect Vest: "Vitality" + 10
34* Earring: "Magic" + 10
35* Talisman: "Spirit" + 10
36* Choco Feather: "Dexterity" + 10
37* Amulet: "Luck" + 10
38* Champion Belt: "Power" & "Vitality" + 30
39* Poison Ring: Drains (Poison) attacks, protects against (Poison)
40* Touph Ring: "Vitality" & "Spirit" + 50
41* Circlet: "Magic" & "Spirit" + 30
42* Star Pendant: Protects against (Poison)
43* Silver Glasses: Protects against (Darkness)
44* Headband: Protects against (Sleep)
45* Fairy Ring: Protects against (Poison/Darkness)
46* Jem Ring: Protects against (Paralyze/Petrify/Slow-numb)
47* White Cape: Protects against (Frog/Small)
48* Sprint Shoes: Automatically puts you in (Haste)
49* Peace Ring: Protects against (Berserk/Fury/Sadness)
50* Ribbon: Protects against all abnormal status
51* Fire Ring: Nullifies (Fire) Attacks
52* Ice Ring: Nullifies (Cold) Attacks
53* Bolt Ring: Nullifies (Lightning) Attacks
54* Tetra Elemental: Drains (Fire/Cold/Lightning/Earth) attacks
55* Safety Bit: Protects against (Sudden Death/Petrify/Slow-numb)
56* Fury Ring: Automatically puts you in (Berserk)
57* Curse Ring: It increases each status but...
58* Protect Ring: Automatically sets up (Barrier/MBarrier)
59* Cat's Bell: Restores HP as you walk
60* Reflect Ring: Automatically sets up (Reflect)
61* Water Ring: Drains Water attacks
62* Sneak Glove: Increases Stealing rate
63* HypnoCrown: Increases Manipulation rate

0 - 104 are Items.
105 - 127 are Blank (Not in use).
128 - 143 are Weapons for Cloud. (16)
144 - 159 are Weapons for Tifa. (16)
160 - 175 are Weapons for Barret. (16)
176 - 189 are Weapons for Red XIII. (14)
190 - 200 are Weapons for Aeris. (11)
201 - 214 are Weapons for Cid. (14)
215 - 228 are Weapons for Yuffie (14)
229 - 241 are Weapons for Cait Sith. (13)
242 - 254 are Weapons for Vincent. (13)
0* - 31* are Bracelets.
32* - 63* are Accesories.

*=Ammount value must be 2x ammount + 1 to use

M A T E R I A:
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0 MP Plus: Independent Materia
1 HP Plus: Independent Materia
2 Speed Plus: Independent Materia
3 Magic Plus: Independent Materia
4 Luck Plus: Independent Materia
5 EXP Plus: Independent Materia
6 Gil Plus: Independent Materia
7 Enemy Away: Independent Materia
8 Enemy Lure: Independent Materia
9 Chocobo Lure: Independent Materia
10 Pre-Emptive: Independent Materia
11 Long Range: Independent Materia
12 Mega All: Independent Materia
13 Counter Attack: Independent Materia
14 Slash-All: Command Materia
15 Double Cut: Command Materia
16 Cover: Independent Materia
17 Underwater: Independent Materia
18 HP<->MP: Independent Materia
19 W-Magic: Command Materia
20 W-Summon: Command Materia
21 W-Item: Command Materia
22 ----------
23 All: Support Materia
24 Counter: Support Materia
25 Magic Counter: Support Materia
26 MP Turbo: Support Materia
27 MP Absorb: Support Materia
28 HP Absorb: Support Materia
29 Elemental: Support Materia
30 Added Effect: Support Materia
31 Sneak Attack: Support Materia
32 Final Attack: Support Materia
33 Added Cut: Support Materia
34 Steal as well: Support Materia
35 Quadra Magic: Support Materia
36 Steal: Command Materia
37 Sense: Command Materia
38 ----------
39 Throw: Command Materia
40 Morph: Command Materia
41 Deathblow: Command Materia
42 Manipulate: Command Materia
43 Mime: Command Materia
44 Enemy Skill: Command Materia
45 ----------
46 ----------
47 ----------
48 Master Command: Master Command Materia
49 Fire: Magic Materia (Attack)
50 Ice: Magic Materia (Attack)
51 Earth: Magic Materia (Attack)
52 Lightning: Magic Materia (Attack)
53 Restore: Magic Materia (Restore)
54 Heal: Magic Materia (Restore)
55 Revive: Magic Materia (Restore)
56 Seal: Magic Materia (Indirect)
57 Mystify: Magic Materia (Indirect)
58 Transform: Magic Materia (Indirect)
59 Exit: Magic Materia (Indirect)
60 Poison: Magic Materia (Attack)
61 Gravity: Magic Materia (Attack)
62 Barrier: Magic Materia (Indirect)
63 ----------
64 Comet: Magic Materia (Attack)
65 Time: Magic Materia (Indirect)
66 ----------
67 ----------
68 Destruct: Magic Materia (Indirect)
69 Contain: Magic Materia (Attack)
70 Full Cure: Magic Materia (Restore)
71 Shield: Magic Materia (Indirect)
72 Ultima: Magic Materia (Attack)
73 Master Magic: Master Magic Materia (Attack/Restore/Indirect)
74 Choco/Mog: Summon Materia
75 Shiva: Summon Materia
76 Ifrit: Summon Materia
77 Ramuh: Summon Materia
78 Titan: Summon Materia
79 Odin: Summon Materia
80 Leviathan: Summon Materia
81 Bahamut: Summon Materia
82 Kujata: Summon Materia
83 Alexander: Summon Materia
84 Phoenix: Summon Materia
85 Neo Bahamut: Summon Materia
86 Hades: Summon Materia
87 Typhon: Summon Materia
88 Bahamut ZERO: Summon Materia
89 Knights of Round: Summon Materia
90 Master Summon: Master Summon Materia

Name Characters:
1=! 2=" 3=# 4=$ 5=% 6=& 7=' 8=( 9=) 10=* 11=+ 12=, 13=- 14=. 15=/ 16=0 17=1 18=2 19=3 20=4
21=5 22=6 23=7 24=8 25=9 26=: 27=; 28=< 29== 30=> 31=? 32=@ 33=A 34=B 35=C 36=D 37=E 38=F
39=G 40=H 41=I 42=J 43=K 44=L 45=M 46=N 47=O 48=P 49=Q 50=R 51=S 52=T 53=U 54=V 55=W 56=X
57=Y 58=Z 59=[ 60=\ 61=] 62=^ 63=_ 64=` 65=a 66=b 67=c 68=d 69=e 70=f 71=g 72=h 73=i 74=j
75=k 76=l 77=m 78=n 79=o 80=p 81=q 82=r 83=s 84=t 85=u 86=v 87=w 88=x 89=y 90=z 91={ 92=|
93=} 94=~ 95= 96=- 97=- 98=Y 99=+ 100=- 101=+ 102=_ 103=a 104=~ 105=G 106=S 107=p 108=s
109=t 110=F 111=T 112=O 113=d 114=8 115=f 116=e 117=n 118= 119== 120== 121=( 122=" 123=)
124=o 125=o 126=v 127=n 128= 129=Y 130=> 131=o 132=o 133=o 134=Y 135=_ 136=r 137=Y 138=T
139=' 140=" 141==/ 142=O 143=+ 144=inf 145=Y 146=<_ 147=>_ 148=? 149=u 150=a 151=sum 152=pi
153=pi 154= J 155=inf_ 156=loop 157=` 158=o 159=+ 160=- 161=? 162=Y 163=check 164=Y 165=~~
166=delta 167=r 168=+ 169=... 170=? 171=+ 172=+ 173=+ 174=OE 175=oe 176=- 177=- 178=" 179="
180=` 181=' 182=divided 183=diamond 184=Y 185=~ 186= 187=< 188=> 189= f 190=f 191= 192=,
193=, 194=% 195=? 196=+ 197=? 198=- 199=- 200=- 201=+ 202=+ 203=- 204=- 205=Y 206=+ 207=

Is this enough codes for you? If not, e-mail me with your requests! I'd be overjoyed at a new idea to look for! If I get really inspired, and find the codes, I'll list you as one of the people on my Special Thanks To list above.

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